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The Obscurs live -   
aka Dean Amo vs 
Eric Fetcher (France) 

Result of the symbiosis between the 2 brothers Dean Amo and Eric Fetcher, The Obscurs offers a different listening format to the audience since 2007.

The performance brings together a DJ set and a real time programming Techno live act in its purest and most primitive definition.
During a long and deep process to learn how to interconnect one with the other, these 2 studio "geeks" are exploring the more mental and hypnotic aspect of the Music.

 Their spontaneity behind the decks, their outstanding dj skills and a "something more" in their performances together have met a great success and support from the lucky one who could enjoy their music until now. To keep intact the magic of The Obscurs, they decided only to perform under this alias in some rare and special occasions. 

So if you are near by and you see this name on the line up, just do it and go!
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